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Char Bachman
Char Bachman, artistically known as Charbach, was born in Port Washington, New York, where she took art as an elective from 7th to 12th grade. She attributes her love of art to her Junior High School art teacher, Larry Goldblatt, who promoted originality, creativity, and whimsicality.
Choosing a career as a registered nurse, she did not pursue her art talents again until the early 1980s. Although she has attended art workshops, Char basically considers herself a self-taught artist. A resident of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island since 1978, she is a member of the Island Art Association and the Jacksonville Watercolor Society.
Working in Watercolor, pen and ink in a very graphic style, Char is well known for her “Whimsical Sevens”: a series of seven things in a row-all alike except for the sixth one which is always out of sync. Her subjects vary from people to animals to any object that can provide a humorous overtone. The odd ball always has a touch of red, her signature color. Char also uses the technique of pointillism with her more serious art work, frequently depicting her favorite subject...lighthouses.
When Char started painting again, she was in her mid 40s and found people taking life so seriously. Being blessed with a good sense of humor, she realized she could provide amusement and laughter through her art work. Char continuously strives to put a smile on your face.

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